To request accounts for a new cohort of learners you need to download and complete the template form and return it to us with the requested information below via an email to:



• The information within this guide is applicable to both the HealthVLE and SN@P Platform(s).

• All requests are processed within 2-3 working days.

• Renewals do not require a new form submission.


The information we need from you in the template is:

• Cohort Name / identifier:

• Cohort Start Date:

• Cohort End Date:

• Platform Access Start Date:

• Platform Access End Date:

• Platforms: 

We then need a list of student names and university email addresses, Forename(s) and surname should be provided in a single field, as shown below. Student ID/Reference No is optional but we recommend providing it if possible.

Your university email format will differ from those shown here but should end in

Student Reference

John Jones
Field for Student Number or Staff ID Number - Optional field but is recommended!

Please specify the platform(s) the cohort is to be uploaded to in your email. (HealthVLE only, Sn@P only, or both SN@P & HealthVLE). We are now able to upload cohorts to both platforms for your convenience.

Multiple Cohorts to upload?

Please separate cohorts so that you are sending us one cohort per spreadsheet and send each cohort in a new email to us; This helps us segment the students easier and avoids any potential errors. 

Document Security Advice
We recommend that you password protect this Excel Template before sending it to us.

In Microsoft Excel you can do this by going to:  Tools > Protection > Choose 'Protect Workbook' and enter a password.

Then, File>File Password> Enter the same password in there too!

Attach your completed password protected VLE Cohort Upload Template to an email and send to
Then send us an additional email that includes reference to the cohort (cohort name/identifier) and the password you created for the Excel template so that we can access the document.

Please send the password to the same email address but in a separate email.

Download Cohort Template 

Download below