This article is aimed at universities who need to request HealthVLE access for any Designated Prescribing Practitioner (DPP) who will be supporting NMP students during their studies. To request accounts for a new cohort of students please see this alternative article: Requesting Student Accounts.

If your university is eligible we will give your DPPs access to our resource Non-medical prescribing programmes - Designated Prescribing Practitioner preparation. If your university is not eligible please contact us to discuss access (send an email to

DPP access will be for a period of 18 months (this allows for a usual programme duration of 6 months, with additional time for re-submissions and/or some 'time-out' for any extenuating circumstances).

Please note: If a DPP subsequently supports a student on a later cohort you will need to provide us with their details again to make sure their access is renewed or reinstated.

To request access for your Designated Prescribing Practitioner(s) download and complete the template form (see below) and return it to us at

The information we need from you is:

  • Description
  • Access starting on (access will be for 18 months from this date)

We then need a list of DPP names and email addresses, as shown in the example below. Forename(s) and surname should be provided in a single field.

John Smith
Jane Jones

Attach the completed (and password protected) DPP Upload Template to an email and send to Please send the password to the same email address but in a separate email.